Welcome to The Accentism Project.

Accentism has been defined as ‘accent-based discrimination often connected to one’s nonstandard accent along with one’s linguistic and social class background, nationality, and country of origin’ (Orelus 2017: 127). Here, we are using the term in a wider sense of linguistic discrimination to describe  any situation in which an individual feels as though they have been unfairly judged, treated, or commented on, simply because of the way they speak.

This project has the aim of uncovering and challenging such discrimination in everyday life. The site offers information, resources, and current research on topics around the issue of accentism in an attempt to raise awareness of what is, in some ways, the last socially acceptable form of prejudice. But, most importantly, it provides the opportunity for people to share their own stories and experiences of accent-based bias, prejudice, and discrimination.

To get involved and share your story, simply use the form on the Submit Your Story page. Alternatively, tweet your story either directly to us at @AccentismProj or by using the hashtag #Accentism